Cyberspace is a parallel world. Now, it encompasses everything ranging from communication, discussion, making friends, social groups, businesses, news, compliances, branding. Emails made letters obscure. Socialization became synonymous with social media like Facebook. Business cannot thrive without websites and social media platforms. Covid-19 has accelerated the growth and penetration in India.

E-commerce revolutionized consumerism. News has become a bundle of information rolling out from a ton of e-newspapers/magazine. Standing in queues replaced with an online book at all sectors. A parallel world is running.

This world also has various facet of compliances, rules and regulations to be followed and adopted. Theft is replaced with hacking while cheating with Phishing, etc, etc.

The new world has newer challenges. Legal challenges to protect this space are a newer dimension. The bigger challenge is fighting with a faceless attacker.

We have observed this transformation with probing legal lens. Our core legal team constituted and devoted to meet all compliances and challenges for corporate and entities is working round the clock to

Provide services and solution, amongst others as under:-

Cybersecurity Cyberlaw compliances Crimes through Emails Phishing Hacking:- Server, websites, systems Data theft Impersonation, Defamation Prevention of infringement of online contents Domain name disputes E-contracts and its enforcement Online infringement of Trademark E-commerce: Compliances, Advisory & Enforcement

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